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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got an Accountant, how is this different?

Though varying by business, the Accountant’s focus is generally on preparing accurate, reliable and timely financial statements and coordinating tax preparation. The CFO may provide oversight to this process, but more importantly focuses on providing and evaluating information that drives internal decision-making. The CFO is a key advisor helping shape strategy, manage risk, and maintain external financial relationships. The CFO works throughout the business providing quantitative and qualitative analysis on key issues to maximize results.

I'm a small business, do I need this?

Small businesses experience unique financial challenges. Whether you need assistance understanding and managing the financial aspects of the business, developing policies and procedures, improving controls, protecting assets, analyzing decisions, or interfacing with lenders and other external parties on your behalf, part-time CFO services are an excellent solution and we’d like hear about your needs.

Does Triton Business Advisors offer bookkeeping or accounting services?

We do not offer on-going bookkeeping or accounting services directly. If you are seeking bookkeeping/accounting services, we can help source these services and then interface with them to provide a complete solution. Otherwise, we work with the resources you have in place. As your accountant continues to manage daily accounting activities and prepare financials statements and tax filings, Triton Business Advisors will work to help you understand and manage the strategic financial aspects of the business, evaluate key decisions and help keep the business focused on achieving its goals and objectives.

Do you work with not-for-profits?

Absolutely. Chad spent seven years as a not-for-profit CFO, has served on the board of directors for a not-for-profit, and actively consults with not-for-profit organizations. Triton Business Advisors can assist with traditional CFO and business analysis service areas as well as help build a strong governance platform and maximize programming and service performance.



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